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Randall Henderson Trail

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This easy trail offers a good introduction to desert biking for the novice. Starting at the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Visitor Center on Highway 74, this loop trail—named for a founder of Palm Desert—gently rises about 350 feet over its 2.5-mile route. Typical plants of the Colorado Desert, such as creosote bush and cholla cactus, adorn the trail as it meanders through small canyons and across low ridges. Check with Visitor Center staff for times and dates of guided hikes during the fall and winter months. Parking is available at the Visitor Center during operating hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

From the visitors center head south on the entry road until you reach the trail head on your left. From here follow the trail down to the first marker, to the left leads up a stair case, don't go that way. It turns into 6 inch deep sand shortly after the stairs. Head the the right (south) and follow the trail to begin climbing. There are three spots where the trail splits, stay to the right at both of these and you'll eventually end up at a washed out dirt road. Head to the left (east) and follow the road up the mountain. Shortly after the road flattens out there is a fence that marks the end of the road, take a tight left turn and begin the descent along a steep and narrow rocky trail. From here you can make a loop and climb back up again or follow the trail back the way you came to the trail head.

Watch out for cactus and avoid this trail in the summer heat.
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