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Mill Crekk

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The Mill Creek single track itself drops 4400 ft. in 7.5 miles from Breckenridge Rd. to the Old Kern Canyon Rd. While there are a few overgrown sections and several impressive ruts, it is mostly an excellent trail. Mostly not very technical. Beautiful scenery. The whole loop is 39 miles with 6,000 ft of climbing. The non-singletrack mileage is evenly split between fire road (Cow Flat Rd.) and pavement (1.5 miles of which is on Hwy. 178 and is unpleasant if there is any traffic; the remainder of which is on Breckenridge Rd. and the Old Kern Canyon road, both of which are scenic and have very little, if any, traffic).
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Trail Directions
I've only ridden this as a loop, but if one wanted to shuttle it, I suppose you would drive south from Bodfish (which is itself ~3 miles south of the town of Lake Isabella) on Caliente-Bodfish Rd. ~10 miles south of Bodfish you would turn right on Breckenridge Rd. In about 9 miles you get to Squirrel Meadow. The Mill Creek singletrack starts from the north side of the meadow and there is a sign pointing the way from Breckenridge Rd. For the loop, drive ~15 miles west on Hwy 178 from Lake Isabella to the intersection with the Old Kern Canyon Rd. There is a BLM fire station here; I park on the other side of Old Kern Canyon Rd from it. Ride 1.5 miles further west on Hwy 178, turn left on the dirt Cow Flat Rd., ride very roughly 15 miles to a T-intersection with the paved Breckenridge Rd., turn left and climb very roughly 15 more miles to the aforementioned Squirrel Meadow, then Mill Creek Tr. to Old Kern Canyon Rd., turn left and ride a couple miles back to your car.
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7.5 Miles
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Lake Isabella
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July 29, 2011

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 5 of 5

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 4 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: john jon ,  Downhiller

Mill creek is a very fun trail. There are some overgrown section. It more advanced riding then some of the other nearby trails. There are two maybe three small river. Crossing so be prepared to get wet. There are a ton of blind turns and hair pin corners sometime walk the trail so cow pattys are everywhere and you can occasionally run in to one all and all very fun.

Recommended Route:
Get dropped off at the top and get pick up at the bottoms

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)