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Lake trail

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This is a great trail if u are from the area, or just passing through. The trail head is just off Woodside rd. at the entrance To Pedigo Landscaping. There are two trails that equal about 3 to 4 miles. It''s a tight single track with a lot of roots on the ups and downs. The first trail U come to is the longest, probably about 3 to 3.5 miles. It''s the most technical of the two. There are a few nice obstacles, and a couple of cool jumps. The only bad thing about the trail is U have to come back the same way U went, but it''s just as fun. The secound trail is on the other side of the lake. It''s a small .5 to 1 mile loop. It''s not technical, but it is tight and fast. Hope U enjoy it as much as I do. One more thing; It may just B me, but I''ve ripped more rear derailleurs off on this trail then any other, so be careful, or carry extra hangers. FYI
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Trail Directions
Take Route 4 South out of Springfield to Woodside Rd. Go east on woodside Rd. The Parking lot for the trail head is Just before the R.R.tracks
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3-4 Miles
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