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Hare Creek Trails

Average Rating:    (3 of 5)

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It's mostly fire roads, but there is some singletrack and downhill. There's also trails for all skill levels.
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Trail Directions
Take Hiway 20 a little bit past Summers Lane, about 700ft past Summers is a lane called Gravel Pit. Go down there untill you see an open gate.
Trail Length
15 to 20 miles
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Fort Bragg

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Review Date
October 28, 2002

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a year

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Reviewed by: Bjorndoggie Cruiser , from Sacramento, CA USA

This is an excellent beginers trail. It is mostly fire road with easy to moderate climbing. I can take the kids and friends that don't ride much and cruise or go with my wife and rip it up. There is a lot of beautiful scenery and the climate is perfect for riding. I haven't found a lot of places to ride around Fort Bragg so you might as well try it. People who love technical trails will not like this. But you can definitly go fast and I haven't seen hardly anybody else on it.

Recommended Route:
Start at the gate and ride.

Chris Clutton (12/14/2006)
This map is for Caspar Logging Road not Hare Creek. Some very good rides start east on this road. Look for trailhead on east side of the third road south off logging road #600 is on gate. Follow three red stripes painted on trees for the trail.
paulcaudle (05/17/2008)
Speaking of ripping it up buddy. On one of the down hill sections I was going 46.3 miles an hour! and like you said there's almost no one on it! I didn't like it because I like single back LONG uphill grades. and very Technical trails. any how my dad does not ride much and he did just great on it. so ya if you want a nice family trail for a week end day this is it!
paulcaudle (03/26/2009)
This trail was a wizz for me! LoL I did it in just a few minutes! So then I pygmy forest reserve trails and spent an hour here just going around in circles. There are a lot of trails out there that could like be fixed up. Ya know. If we all get to gether on it we could make some really nice trails through there with every thing you can imagine from board walks to jumps and drop offs and all. I started building a little bit on the trail that Jessie had been working on.
paulcaudle (03/26/2009)
oh and my top speed on this trail was 59miles an hour! I have a 203MM top casset so I can like still be pedaling at like 55easy. I was trying to go 60 for fun but I had to slow down because there was a corner :-/
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)