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Green CreekTrail

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This is a seldom traveled singletrack. What makes it so sweet is that unlike most trails on a mountain, this one does not have switchbacks. It is a series of great "S" turns all the way up (and down) just watch out for P-Oak. htis trail rips though. You will be on the brakes most of the way kinda surfing/sliding your way down. Great training for learning how to shift your weight around to get the bike to slide the way you want. It's in the trees too so it's not too hot. The trail goes up to a saddle and then down the other side. Then you have to turn around and go back the other way. Still worth it though if you are up there boating and want a change of pace.
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Trail Directions
You need a boat to get to this one, so not many people ride it. Start at the Green Creek boat in Camp ground on Lake Shasta. There is a trail that starts at the camp and goes UP UP UP
Trail Length
6 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Lake Shasta

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