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Fall Classic

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THE ROUTE EStart at Snow Summit. Towne Trail begins just west of the base area behind the condos on the south side of the parking lot. If you have trouble finding it the nice folks at the Team Big Bear Bike Shop will help you out. Follow Towne Trail up to 2N08. It's about 1.2 miles. Go left on 2N08. It's a good 1.4-mile climb till you reach the top and the junction of 2N51Y and 2N08. Go straight on 2N08. It is fairly flat for the next 1.6 miles until you come upon the junction of 2N08 and 1E01(Pine Knot Trail). If you come to a "T" which is 2N17 you've rolled 50 feet too far. Pine Knot starts to the North next to a big tree. Heading North on 1E01 you start descending on one of the best singletracks in the valley. Stay on the main trail and follow the signs. In 2 miles you will come out at the Aspen Glen Picnic Area. Turn left on the pavement and in .1 miles turn left onto Mill Creek. This is a short but steep paved climb; it is about .8 miles. When the dirt begins again turn left onto 2N10, you will still be climbing but at least it is on dirt. After about another .8 miles you will come to the junction of 2N10 and 2N17. Go straight on 2N10. In another .7 miles you will reach the junction of 2N10 and 2N52Y. Go left on 2N52Y. In .3 miles you will reach a yellow post campsite. Plantation Trail starts off to your left. This is a short, fun singletrack. It drops you out back on 2N10, at the top of the ridge. Turn left on 2N10. There is a reason this road is called Skyline Drive. Follow 2N10 along the ridge and enjoy the great views. In about 1.7 miles of mostly downhill you will reach Grandview Junction. Continue straight on 2N10. This is the beginning of the infamous Five Bitches. After 3.2 miles you will be rewarded with an epic view of San Gorgonio upon completing the Five Bitches. There is an unmarked road on your left that will lead you onto Snow Summit. Go around the possibly locked gate. Once in the ski area follow the first trail up. It is a short stiff climb but will dump you out behind the tops of the chairlifts onto a service road. Follow this until it T's at a reservoir. Go right. Just before the sharp right turn there is an unmarked trail on the right. This is the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean. Stay on the main trail and it will pop you back out on 2N10. Go Left. In .6 miles you come across an unmarked junction. Make a left turn, and follow this road to Lower Fall Line. It is on your right and marked by a big flat rock. This is another great singletrack. It turns into Bristlecone Trail toward the bottom, stay left at all junctions and you will end up on Bristlecone Road. Go left on this gravel road and you will cruise back to the Snow Summit base area. It's about a mile and flat.
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Trail Directions
Start at Snow Summit. Towne Trail begins just west of the base area behind the condos on the south side of the parking lot. See maps at: http://www.bigbearmountainresorts.com/bbmrS_maps.php#
Trail Length
18 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Big Bear Lake
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July 7, 2003

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 2 of 5

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Reviewed by: TJ

One sweet single track, 1E01 (Pine Knot Trail). One challenging rock garden descent: turn right by big rock on Lower Fall Line.
One fast and easy single track: Pirates of the Caribbean. The rest is mediocre at best, with lots of sand to slow you down and make for mushy riding. Recent bulldozing has left a lot of trails near the top soft and slow. The countryside is beautiful, and the drive up to Big Bear is almost better than the riding. The 5 "bitches" are not named correctly, and should be called the 1 "rolling and easy" slope. There are far more challenging trails around SoCal, but at least the views and countryside at Big Bear are nice, and don't forget that the air is clear and clean. :)

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)