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Camp One, Sherwood Trail Loop.

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Mellow short loop with creek crossings, forested singletrack and State forest roads.
Rides part of the Historic Little Lake Sherwood Trail.

Get a free map at the Jackson Demonstration State Forest office in Fort Bragg.

From Hwy 1, go east on the 20, 6 miles to State Rd. 350 to Camp One, (Egg Taking Station).

Park at Day Use.

ride the camp loop for a warm up.


From Camp One ride North on road 360, cross the river and go Left up wooded trail along creek 362 to 1000 Ride East on ridge Past Volcano Camp and at intersection of 1000/360 continue forward on road 360. (continuing East on 1000 rides a long mellow ridge to Trestle trail, and Waterfall Grove trail). Sweet!

At the next intersection stay on the 360 which makes a hard right into Brandon Gulch, a fun ride down the gulch past camp 6 and back to the start of the LL Sherwood Trail.
Back to Camp!

Lots of alternate routes!
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