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Camp Mather 001

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Camp Mather is a facility owned and operated by the city of San Francisco. I made my first visit this year and enjoyed getting up early and going for a ride in the surrounding Stanislaus National Forrest. Hopefully other longer time Camp Mather devotees will add/refine trail reviews. It is difficult to describe this trail since there are no markers. The trail is mostly un-improved double-track or fire-road. I basically followed fire roads in a north-easterly direction, thru the woods, past fields of wild flowers, up past a water tank farm. Then left onto a forrest fire road, at the first fork I went right. Mostly climbing. When the road ended I turned around and rode back down. It was about a 45 min ride.
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Trail Directions
Camp Mather - trail starts North of Swimming Pool.
Trail Length
7 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Camp Mather

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