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Bald Rock

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Bald Rock is not a trail but a large (1/2 mile x 1/2 mile) granite rock that is property of the United States Forest Service, Plumas National Forest. It is legal to ride on the rock as I checked. It is a great place for all mtb levels. It has something for anyone to practice their performance skills. And, since it is granite, it is almost a slick rock to ride. The traction is great except for cross drainages that contain decomposed granite rock which is like sand. There are drops ranging from 6" to 20'. There are switchbacks to negotiate, rock gardens to ride, rock slopes to climb and descend. For the diehard downhillers, I guess you could ride directly off the west face to Zink Road about one mile below. Again, there are no distinct trails except for the 1/4 mile access trail which is probably at least strong intermediate to ride. If you want to just ride and practice and approve your ability on a basic all weather facility, try Bald Rock.
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Trail Directions
From State Route 70 (SR 70) in Oroville, CA about 85 miles north of Sacramento, take the Oro-Dam East exit off SR 70. Proceed east on Oro-Dam which is also SR 162. Continue on SR 162 for about 16 miles passing on the east side of Lake Oroville. SR 162 ends at Foreman Creek Road but the highway continues as Quincy Highway. Continue east about another 5 miles past the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Hart's Mill Fire Station. At Bald Rock Road, 1.7 miles east of the fire station, take the Bald Rock Road for 8.5 miles to the Bald Rock Trailhead sign. Turn left at the sign and proceed 100 yards into the gravel parking lot. The trail to Bald Rocks runs west from the west end of the parking log.
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October 9, 2002

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Reviewed by: John Hawkins , from Paradise, CA, USA

This is not a trail but more like a training ground to practice your skills. It is granite rock and a nearly slick rock type surface. You can find all types of challenges, drops, climbs, descents, switchbacks, rock gardens, et al. Freeriders and downhillers might really ride of the edge of the rock. Should scout your route before you head all out. Generally, the north or right side of the rock is more beginner and intermediate. The south or left side is much more difficult. Good riders will be able to ride much of the rock. Have fun. I did and continued to gain experience and a hematoma on my left leg from an endover for not correctly lifting the front wheel while exiting a simple draw. Take a camera. Wish I had some pictures to share. Neat place.

Recommended Route:
Take the 1/4 single track trail to the edge of Bald Rock. You will know when you get to the edge as the ground will turn from forest litter to granite rock. Go right about 100'. Head up a slope that you should be able to ride. Just continue to find your way up until to you go about 1/4 mile and reach the top. From there, pick routes and carve them out. There are endless options for all levels of riding.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)