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Upton Trail

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Begins with a mile of mild uphill through an overgrown Pimento plantation. It then turns down to a rooty gully that is very fast and attention grabbing. We then proceed on paved country roads with fast downhills and slow uphils , through the district of Lodge and continue on to the JPS Hydro Powerplant. Take the road adjacent to the powerplant and the first set of downhill stairs you come to, stay to the left and follow the stairs down to the walkfoot bridge. Cross the bridge , stay to your left and follow the single track to the dirt/double track. Follow that road all the way to Spanish bridge, where a needed rest will be welcome beside the river and the the 200 year old bridge. Going back on the same road, you will notice a track to your left as soon as you leave the huge cotton wood tree. Follow that trck, it leads along the river for about 1 mile. You may have to jump over some barbed wire fence (1). The river will continueuntil it will meet back with the same road you traveled on to get to Spanish Bridge. But, before you reach the intersection, about 100 yards before, you will see a path that leads to the river, take that path by foot and follow it till you come to a point where the river funnels to about 4 ft wide. Be careful as the ENTIRE river goes through this point. Find someone brave enough to jump across and help with bringing the bikes across. You will exit the piece of land and follow the double track all the way back to the JPS Hydro Plant. From ther, a simple matter of back tracking back to the sandals Golf Course.
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Trail Directions
Trail Head starts from the perimeter road surrounding the sandals Golf Course.
Trail Length
8 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Ocho Rios

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