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Smithfield MTB Reserve

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MTB HEAVEN. Home of the 1996 world cup or world champs, (it doesn't really matter) for this place rocks. Well maintained by the cairns mtb club their is a myriad of trails to keep riders of all levels worshipping the god of singletrack. All the trails are mapped out in blue/green/red/ and the world cup cross country course (white I think) out the back of the hill. Green is easy and short. Blue seems to twist all-over the place with moderate climbs/tight switch backs/ fun descents/and a couple of suprises.

Red is for downhill - super steep/technical/ not alot of drops. White or World Cup Cross Country course - which i'll talk about later. POINTS TO NOTE
1)Take lots of water before getting to the trail, for it's hot and humid and so much fun you forget to drink
2) Watch out for the roots very slippery if your not used to riding them
3)Check your brake pads... ENOUGH SAID.

The world cup cross country course is reached by following the blue course east for a bit along some double track for some more than enter the gate and climb the sealed road to the water tanks, than keep climbing along the single track up and up and up some more. A lung buster to challenge even the best climbers (I think cadel evans made his mark in this world cup)Now to be honest I have know idea whether I followed the exact route of the race course (it's not signposted) but let me say after a quick scan of the view from the top the descent was fast fast and faster still. A reality check for the quality of your brakes and the rebound setting on your bikes suspension. If your not hooting that you sure as hell are not... Go check them out. Pop into the local bike shops to link up with other riders, as further loops can be done from smithfield.
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Head North out of town past the Cairns airport. Continue along the main highway that heads towards Port Douglas. After travelling North for about 11km you should pass the smithfield shopping centre. Continue on following the signs north (heading straight through the roundabout) until you see a sign for the AJ Hackett BUNGY JUMPING centre (around 1km past shopping centre). Take this road left of the main highway and past James Cook Univesity until you see a dirt carpark on the right (just before the bungy centre) PARK HERE
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