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Profitis Elias Ymmitos

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This trail starts from above Peania area. At first (heading from Peania to Lakka Halidous) the trail is the same marble bedded ancient Greeck one that leads to the temple of Prosopsiou Appolo (the Appolo of the first light) that has been demolished by the "common" practice of teh early christians and converted to a orthodox temple, Profitis Elias.
After several swichbacks the trail leads to the temple. From there moving to the west the trail climbs the hill above the temple and then descends into lacca Halidous a small plain between Ymmitos mountain peaks.
From Lakka Halidous you may follow several dirtroads. The best is to follow the main one up to the first crossroad. Stay on the main road (west) and turn right (North) after 1 kilometer. Follow that (stay always to the right) up to the next crissroad where you'll have to turn lef. A final short clomb and you'll find yourself at the west slopes of Ymmitos.
After 2 kilometers of tarmac you may enter the infamous 10 trail towrds Anthousa tower.
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8 to 12
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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