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Mt Baldy DH

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This DH track is pretty hard to find, but if you get to know one of the MTB locals, they might be nice enough to describe its "secret" location to you or even take you for a few runs. It''s located 5 minutes from the Atherton township (1hr west of Cairns) and is definitely worth the trip up to the Tablelands. It''s about 2km long and features fast sections, jumps, a few nice drops and a sweet road gap that throws you into a burmed left hander. You will need a 4wd or sturdy ute for shuttle runs, or if you''re keen you can ride up a access fire road. This DH track can easily be linked up to a few sweet XC tracks too (again ask an MTB local or you may get lost!).
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It's location wouldn't be "secret" if I posted it on the net would it? If you're keen to check it out, ask around at the local sports shops and I'm sure one of the MTB sales people might be able to point you in the right direction! Sorry guys.
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~2 Kilometers
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Trails for all skill levels
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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