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Mingtur Pass

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It's a very easy road by the side of the river, to the confluence with Kokshar river. There are several (big) tributary rivers to wade through in the gorge proper. The road becomes less distinct and the you cross over to the left side of the river after a total of approximately 60 kilometers to the bottom of the Mingtur pass. Altitude 3000 meters. At the stone monument take the valley to the right. There is a short steep section and then a long climb to the top of the pass, which can be cold and windy. The views back across to the spectacular Tien Shan and the black pyramid of Khan Tengri are among the best in central asia. A long descent on double track turns into single track along the main Saary Zhaz River. One section has a deadly dropoff into the river of about 300 m. Don't look down. Watch out for glacial rocks in the meadows. There are stunning views to the south of Saary Zhaz Valley. Then go to the border station and hope there aren't any kidnappers around.
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Trail Directions
Find your way to the Khan Tengri Climbing camp on the Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan border in the Karkara valley. Cruise out the driveway and follow the river up.
Trail Length
150 Km
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Kyrgyzstan Border Station

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