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Madamas Road

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Madamas Road starts in Brasso Seco as a bumpy paved road and becomes a muddy, technical single track. While technical it can be ridden slowly by non-technical riders. When you hit the second river crossing the trail you can follow it up stream to 2 waterfalls. The trail passes through great rainforests and is huge fun :-)
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Trail Directions
Head East to Arima and take the Arima by-pass or go through Arima to the Arima Blanchisseuse Road. Drive pass the Asa Wright Nature Centre, all the while going up hill, the road then flattens and starts to go down hill, some may wish to jump out here and ride the road which is bumpier than most fire trails. Soon you come to a junction, go straight across to Brasso Seco, which is about 6 miles ahead. Once in Brasso Seco Madamas road branches off to the right.
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18 kilometers
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