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La Garza

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Magnificent and beautiful trails along the Salt Flats and the hills of Boqueron and Combate Beaches (on the western side of the island) and other beautiful western coastal villages of Puerto Rico. This web of trails is about 100 miles long and goes from the coastal areas to mountains and steep hills to the very lush dense vegetation areas. One of the best and better know is "La Garza" trail: this one in particular is made up of long windings in and out and at the end of this trail there is waiting yet another trail connecting and yet another one in what seems like and end less web of fantastic trails...and one is even better that the next and after that one yet another one connecting to make up for long and very exiting ride sometimes lasting up to six hours. Cabo Rojo is well known for its magnificent never ending bike rides along the most spectacular beaches, water views and scenery, same places where the pirates once roam and burried their treassures.
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The best thing in Puerto Rico is that you don't ever need to ride alone as we have the best group of riders that will take you along to these trails....group rides are complimentary of "Los Piratas de Boqueron", Boqueron Pirates. The leader of the group, Dr. Jim Rivera (787)316-1965, (787)851-1897 is the organizer and leader of these group rides which on most days are composed of twenty to fifty riders. Group riders meet early morning on Sundays at "El Viandon" right in front of small and well know local pub on the road to El Combate Beach...Group rides depart upon the sound of a wissle most days around 8:00am for a day of fun and exitement... All riders are expected to come with the proper attire and gear, helmet, plenty of water, tire protection such as Mr. Toffy and green slime...for protection and the necessary equipment to have a successful ride....So COME DOWN TO THE PUERTO RICO USA IN THE CARIBBEAN AND RIDE WITH US you are always welcomed ...YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE
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100 Miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Cabo Rojo
Puerto Rico
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