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Trans Gerdoo

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The Trans Gerdoo Single track It’s a single track which links the Nazm Abad trail to Gerdoo trail .And in in Arak City in iran. Just as you l4eave the Nazm Abad trail the trans Gerdoo trail climbs a little on the hillside of the valley and after half a KM it comes down the valley and runs next to the stream which flows at the bottom of the valley . From here you have 2 KMs of sweet descending single track crossing trough the stream several times and twisting around stones ‘ rocks and trees while going from one side of the valley to the other more than 5 or 6 times to the end. And at the end you reach the middle of the Gerdoo trail. Now read the Gerdoo Fire Road trail post to find your way . I have mentioned the joint point of the Trans Gerdoo Trail in there. Have fun on the trail.
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In order to get to the trail head read the Nazb Abad trail post up to the part I have mentioned where the trans gerdoo trail head is.
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4 Kilometers
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