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The Rock

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This is a leisurely ride around the perimeter wire of Ali Al Salem Air Base; as such it is restricted to Military personnel ONLY. Total loop is about 5Km and should take the better part of a half hour. In the summer months you take at least 3 liters of water in your camel-back and an extra bottle or two in your cages also a riding buddy is MANDATORY at all times. Terrain varies from loose sketchy sand to packed gravel and the occasional mortar hole. Beware of barbed wire, desert lizards, C-130’s and helicopters and of course the Guards. In the summer mopnths, early morning is the best time to ride before the temperatures get up above 120°F
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Trail Directions
Leaving LSA, pass the SeaBee Camp and take a right at "The Wall", follow the trail.
Trail Length
5 Kilometers
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Ali Al Salem
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