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Shafaq 2

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So first go to Shafaq 1 ''s review and read to the part i have wrote that the right ways leads to Shfaq 2 & 3 .OK when you reached that junction follow the right path you have a couple of kilometers of moderate ascending and its surface is like the valley in the previous part but in a plane . At the end of this part you reach a hilly part with rocky terrain but its very short only 50 meters you go up the first hill then down and up the next. Here is the peak of the trail you can see the next part of the trail from here. Now make sure you put on your helmet and rush down .this part is a cheerful downhill with cool turns but beware the soil it loose and full of gravel if you want to go fast this part can be considered as technical. Phew when you have got to the end of this part you find yourself in a basin of a dry river now if you follow the river you will go to Shafaq 3 but if you look forward in the valley which is before you you can easily see the Shafaq 2 trail. 100 meters future if you take a look on your left you can see a little cave its hand made and its dimensions is 2x2x2 meters once a rider pall told me that he and his brother had dug it in order to find a treasure .I think this trail is a treasure itself just come and ride it. Move on a little and you will rush in a vegetable tunnel oh yeah this is the cool part a kilometer through the bushes and trees and nearly 10 times you have to pass the water stream ( in dry seasons only twice) but be careful if you are wearing shorts and short sleeves when you come out of the tunnel you would have many scratches made by thorns on your body .Once got out the trail divides into two and each goes on side of the valley the right one is better its has less obstacles but more technical .It goes a little up on the hill side with some rocks on the way pedal some meters and you would see another vegetable tunnel on your left in the valley but burnt I don’t know why from when I have seen it it was like this . A few hundred meters further again the trail flows in the valley and in the river basin this part is covered with river stones and your rear wheel would go loose if you pedal hard so be calm and slow pedal 300 meters and you will reach another junction and around it is full of berry bushes .Hammer you way on the left path which goes through an old farm Ahh hard to pedal over the tracks made years ago then you have to pass a gate they have placed there recently. The rest of the trail is a wide gravel road and goes across a village but beware of dogs they are harmless but I don’t like dogs following me while ridding .After passing the gate and a u shaped big hole there is a hose on the left and every time I passed there a big angry dog was tied to a tree but be care full maybe some day its free .Then you go round that house and turn left for a little descent here choose the right path and a lower gear as you have to hammer some 3-4 kilo meters .This part has very loose soil due to vehicles which
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The firs 3 kilometers of the trail is the same as Shafaq 1 so you by reading Shafaq 1 's review you can easily go the trail head
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7 Kilometers
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