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Shafaq 1

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Its asingle track which can be used on both ways.when you are beside the garden biulding (read the dirctions to the trial head )dont follow the asphalt and instead head the gravel trail. First its wide but after a 100 meters you have to pass some hand made dirt hills which have been made to prevent vehicles entering the protected area there are 3 dirt walls with 100 meters distance with each other after passing the third one the trails gets a little narrower and the soil is lose at this part 300 meters furture there is a spring where you can fill oyu water bottles from.This spring is the junction of some other trails (i will put the trail reviews with full photos of this area soon)before reaching the spring the trail has little ascending.After the spring follow your way straight ahead this is a flat part with very slight uphill but many turns and runs through a valley between the hills for 3 kilometers.In this part the soil is hard with stones of all sizes but we have put the big ones asside.At the end of the valley you reach a small plane here you have 2 ways the right one lead to Shafaq 2 & 3 (which i will illustrate later)to follow our trail to Shafaq 1 choose the left trail>At this part unlike the rest of the trail you can see a few trees aside the trail and as you go furture it gets more steep so you should push a little harder here after hammering 700 meters of trail wich is more rockier in this part at the end it gets really steep so maybe its better to use the little chainring on the top you reach a gravel vehicle road wich has a gate on the right look on your left and you will see a asphalt road this road leads to the entrance door wich you have entered.Wait for the photos
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To reach it you have to go to eastern Tehran then enter Sorkheh Hesar Park from the east entrance.Then Follow the main asphald road in the park with goes west ward till you reach to a u turn wich there you can see a green garden biulding.The trail starts here.
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4 Kilometers
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