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Ras Mohammed National Park

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Easy fun fast loop through the park on good hard dirt roads. Its about a 5 km loop. Excellent for racing. Egypt should organize an international venue here. there are some good places to get air too-Wahoo! The fossil coral bluffs offer some intersting technical challenges. Dont forget to enjoy the parks beauty and even go fur a swim! Shred very lightly and try not to venture off the roads or trails as this is a very pristine and beautiful place. Bike tracks over sand dunes and skid marks on soft soil downhills are long lasting hideous blemmishes for the park and a stain on all MTB'ers! Just do yourself and everyone a favor carry across the soft stuff or check it out when in doubt. The bluffs above Shark's Observatory are a virtual MTB play ground with lotsa small technical challenges for most riders plus the veiw is excellent and the thonged throngs of Italians seem to think we MTBers look cool practicing our craft. Take a camera! Remember lotsa water. Rescue is available here. Good fun for everyone/the whole family!
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From Sharm drive or taxi it to Ras Mohammed National Park. Park at Yolanda Bay or Sharks Observatory. The park trail is your loop.
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Fire Roads
Sharm El Sheik, Sinai, Egypt

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May 8, 2002

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 3 of 5

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Reviewed by: Louis Gomez , from Tucson, Arizona

A fun place to for a ride if you are in the area with a bike. Fast rolling jeep road with ample opportunities for air. The loop is worthy of at least two laps and the bluffs around the Observatory and Yolanda offer a bit of technical monkey business. After the ride take a snorkle along the reefs.
An easy ride to organize, without much risk, great scenery, and conveniant location. Makes for a great day trip.

Recommended Route:
Follow the roads and respect the park. A good place to start is Sharks Observatory or Yolanda Bay.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)