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Ras Abu Gallum National Park

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Easy to follow "jeep" road for around 45 km's down to the coastal plain of Ras ABu Gallum. From Abu Gallum 6 kms of technical single/camel track to the Blue Hole then another six by "jeep" road to Dahab. Camping at Ras ABu Gallum is good and finishing the technical bit in the morning is a good option for the less hardy types. The road starts with a most excellent BOMBER downhill (take care not exceed your ability here and make sure your tires are properly pressurizeda pinch flat at speed can be horrific here) for 3-4 kms then two short but lung buning climbs then a moderate downhill to the Beduoin Village of Bir Zureir. You can get water here and it is your last chance! From Bir Zurier there is a gentle climb for a ways then a another lung burning short climb with a decent into a valley and a short climb out and then the dreaded valley of the studder bumps! Oooh-Ouch! FS bike are OK, HT's will be painfull and rigids are shear nut butter torture! This is where a support vehicle comes in handy as the bumps go on for about 5 kms, but it is downhill! A sharp turn then the wadi narows to a steepwalled canyon that drops quickly to the coastal plain. Magnificent views. On the plain follow the road to the right/south untill it ends (6 kms) at a Bedouin fishing camp. They have Samekh Kabeir! Rest or camp here, enjoy a swim in the bay. From here it is a technical rocky camel trailfor six kms to the Blue Hole. FS is recommended but a HT will work OK (I have done it on both) but rigid is a hike a bike for the most part. This part of the trail is an excellent technical bit-I consider it the reward for the studder valley. Cliffs on one side azure Aquaba on the other-Oooowie! I cleaned on my Heckler FS except for the unavoidable portage up a steep sided hill! Check the killer views then drop into the Blue Hole from above for a snorkle and some beverages. From there catch a ride or hammer on to Dahab on the road. Watch for the Canayon Hotels pack of dawgz! I have also done the technical bit from the Dhab side for a day trip to and from the Bedouin fishing camp. Recommended if you dont have a support vehicle or dont want to tackle the whole enchilada.
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Trail Directions
Ras Abu Gallum/Bir Zurier turnoff on the left about 1.5 kms past Bedouin Bob's Cafe at the top of the pass on the road from Nieweba to Dahab leaving Nieweba port. If you have the time there is excellent technical riding in the hills across the road from B' Bobs. A support vehicle is highly recommended! Saba Camp(Sabri) in Nieweba, Ras Satan (Elisha or Abdella) and Magana village north of Nieweba are good places to organize support.
Trail Length
40-50 Kms
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Nieweba, Sinai, Egypt

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June 5, 2001

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 5 of 5

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Reviewed by: andre "desert warrior" viljoen , from cape town,south africa

the route decription by skippy is excellent and i cannot expand on it except for the following:this a devinitive fs route,no questions asked.the last 15 km is a gentle decent were some speed is generated.the road has degenerated into corrugated/sandy/rocky jeep track.my bedioun guide lasted on 15 km on his hard tail so a support vechile is a help.any bike company who wants to test there bikes should consider this route so i can give a thumps-up to my modified gary fisher(105 mm manitou x-vert sox) for taking me all the way.make no mistake,this is a brutal ride,not for the average rider but well worth it for any die hard mountain biker.

Recommended Route:
as per skippy(he who must be obeyed)route.15 km from nuweiba at the top of a 13 km tar road watch out for a well used gravel road.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)