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Nazm Abad

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The Nazm Abad Fire Road It’s a fire road in the south of Arak City in Iran .Which makes 700 meters of altitude difference . In order to get There is an asphalt road which goes uphill very slightly and runs for 2.5 KMs and lead to the village of Nazb Abad .Follow the main trail and go trough the village . After hammering half a kilometer on your biggest cogs you come out from the village and there is a spring there and the only water supply of the trail.So if you need water pick it up here. For the next 7 KMs you only need your small chainring and the two big cogs. First you ride on a straight trail through the oak ‘ hazel nut and nut gardens but as you reached to the hill side the going gets tough and the tough gets going for 4 KMs you have an hard steep ascent which climbs the mountain in 9 zig zag routes. On the 10th turn you can get down for a short rest and enjoy the sights .From north Arak City is seen and if you look eastward there is a small plain in front of you with 2 tiny villages in it separated by a small mountain ridge from a vast desert which lies for the next 50 KMs .By the way our university is could also be seen next to the ridge. From here the angle gets slighter and you can shift some cogs but the terrain gets worse full of big flat stones making it hard to hammer After a kilometer you get to the top of the mountain you were climbing from the beginning and for the next 3 KMs the 2nd chainring could be afforded .After ridding for a kilometer on the flat section on the top you reach a part which there is a big valley branching from the mountain pass your right side full of nut trees this is the trail Head of ( Trans Gerdoo Trail ).But if you want to continue on the Nazm Abad Fire Road just keep following the main Fire road. Just as you passed the Trans Gerdoo Trail Head the road turns to the left and starts climbing the next ridge . Once over it with a short zig zag road which is 1.5 KMs long you get to a flat section which looks like a tiny platue And the trail leads you toward the end where some concrete huts are made for winter sheltering.THats it Have fun on the trail.
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Trail Directions
In order to get there You have to go to the industrial City of Arak which is located in the eastern entrance of Arak city. There is a big bridge there which takes the traffic over the rail road just ride under the bridge and you can see a single track running along the rails follow it until you reach the city ring road after 3 KMs of flat ridding but at the end there is a steep ascent which forces you to shift to the lowest gear to run over the hill . as you ride down the other side you see a subway tunnel go trough it to cross the ring road in safety and at the other side of the road there you are the trail head of Nazm Abad
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11 Kilometers
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Fire Roads
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