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Nabek National Park

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Moderate jeep trail and single track! Stunning scenery as this trail follows the mountainous coastline. Sheer cliffs drop nearly to the waterline in some places on one side and waves crash on the coral reef on the other side. Killer views all the way! Visit Gabr El Bint and explore (hike) the side wadi just south to the Oasis of Moyat Shagara. DESERT-DESERT-DESERT! Need lotsa H2O and some food! Travel plan! Zero rescue index! Navigation is not a problem. Great camping in Nabek! Enjoy Nabek for a ride from Shurat El Manqatta due south past the wreck of the Maria Shroeder then through the mangrove swamp to Nahalet El Tell just past the shrimp farm then on to the Bedouin Village of El Gharkana. Go no farther! Mine fields ahead!
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Trail Directions
From Dahab due south along the coast line. Trail "starts" after the coast guard check point before the Three Pools/Southern Oasis. You may need to get permits from the tourist police to do a one way trip down to Nabek and support vehicle for a pick up. The Nabek ranger station is a good meeting point. Do this trip from Dahab as the prevailing wind is out of the North. Ali Mohammed from Mirage Village in Dahab can arrange for permits and support/pickup in Nabek.
Trail Length
30-40 kms all the way one way.
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Dahab, Sinai, Egypt

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May 20, 2002

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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Permits are now pretty much a must. Check with Ali Mohammed, another Bedouin master of organization, at Mirage Village in Dahab. A classic Sinai point to point novice/intermediate level day ride (30-40 Kms)along a spectacular mountainous coastline. Mostly level coastal jeep road with some a good section of camel track in the middle, not too technical and only a few very small climbs. The isolation and scenery will leave are what makes this ride so special. Sheer cliffs on one side and reef breaking waves on the other. There is an oasis up a wadi near Gabr el Bint that is worthy of a side trip. Excellent snorkling at Gaber El Bint. If snorkling elswhere along the carefully judge entry and exit along with the surf conditions-can be very dangerous. After ending the coastal mountain section at the second Coast Guard check point continue on into Nabek National Park. Climb up the bluffs ehere you can see the mangroaves and ranger station in the distance. Continue on past the ranger station and view the wreck of the Maria Shroeder. Just past the wreck one will find a camp/picnic ground. From there find a jeep roar that enters the Mangrove area, stay on it as the mangrove ia an environmentally fragile area. Follow the road through the mangroves as it contours the coast and ends at the dirt berms of a shrimp factory. Circle around the factory and find a group of palm trees, Nakhalet el Tell, a good place to rest and snorkle as well. From there continue along the coastal road past the Beduoin village of El Gharkhana and on to a restraunt-Jurgens(?), where one can get food and water. From there the hard core can ride onto Sharm El Sheik (about 15 more kilometers). STAY ON THE ROAD from here out as there a minefields in the area. You will have to negotiate another coast guard checkpoint prior to leaving the park so be sure to have your paper work in order.

Recommended Route:
Dahab to El Gharkana and return to Dahab via pre arranged pick up. It is also possible to continue on to Sharm El Shiek for a true one way trip.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)