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Kooh Sorkheh

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Kooh Sorkheh Trail It’s a trail in south western Arak . Kooh Sorkheh means ( The Red Mountain ) From the mountaineer Sq. there is a wide fire road which enters the parking lot from the west side follow it .At first you have to pedal half a kilometer in a smooth ascent then you reach a place where some single tracks have met and also there are some signs which says to follow the left way for Kooh Sorkheh .From here the trail is obvious it climbs up the mountain for the first 100 meters you may be able to use your lowest gear to climb the hard soiled single track and pull up between the rocks and bushes but after reaching the rocky parts just stop hammering get off and pull ‘ push or carry your bike up . All the time when you are walking over the rocks and on the pass if you have a glance at your left you can see a narrow valley flooded with flat stones with a 30 degree decent. After you have pulled up for about 2 kilometers you can see the valley comes to a dead end and a strait rocky wall block it. Just remember this part as you have to turn in the valley while coming back. A kilometer higher there is a mountaineering hut to get there keep following the trail but a little farther the terrain gets softer and you can sit in you saddle but its really technical. At some parts you have to get down to pass small drops. When you got to the hut if you havnt had enough fun there is another high technical single track which runs over the pass toward the east it could be seen from the hut clearly .This trail goes round the huge valley which is in front of the mountain the hut is on and runs on the next mountain ridge . It leads to many other single tracks and you would see many trails branching from it but till now I havnt had time to explore them.You can just follow the main trail as long as you want as it had no end and is connected to a network of endless single tracks.But while ridding in this section be care full it very technical and in some parts it runs on the side of steep rocky walls. Also a;; the way you are ridding is full of small drops and wall descents. On the way back after reaching the hut push down you seat post to the end and make sure of your brakes and just hope no crash happens its full of drops with steep lose soiled landings and rocky lumps which bottom out you suspensions. When you got to the valley dead end I told you to remember you can continue on the same super technical trail or flow in the valley and enjoy a cool soft ride cushioned by the river of stones to the end but keep your speed down as stopping is hard in this stone stream. Have fun on the trail.
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Trail Directions
First you have to go to Gerdoo zone in Arak city .There you can find a subway road which across beneath the Arak ring road .when you come on the surface just follow the ring road for a couple of hundred meters Where there is a asphalt road side walled with concrete blocks.It runs for 2.5 KM and has a very slight ascent .At the end of the road you reach a parking lot and a monument of a mountain climber .Its called the mountaineer Sq.This mountaineer Sq. leads to other trails too such as the Gerdoo single track – the Gerdoo FireRoad Single track and the Site Fire road.
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