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Hazorea Trail

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Short, steep technical climbs with singletreks and forest trails. Lots of variations and improvising possible within the area. Circular trail. Starting at Kibbutz Hazorea, climb the hill of Tel-Kida, then decent downhill and ride various trails around and up Diza and Mishol hills and Gahar mountain (singletreks can be found all around between the fire trails). Continue to the area of Ramat-Hashofet, and from there take road 6953 down hill towards Mishmar Haemek. After about 2Km down the road look for a red marked trail on your right. Take the trail all the way (about 8 Km) untill reaching road 66 (a nice view point is the Memorial of Mishmar Haemek). Turn north back towards kibuttz Hazorea (there is a trail besides the road all the way).
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Trail Directions
At the Gas Station "Shalosh Mishalot" near Kibbutz Hazorea
Trail Length
35 - 30 Km
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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