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Gerdoo ( Fire Road )

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The Gerdoo Fire road Trail. Its on the south western suburb of Arak city in Iran .Gerdoo in Farsi means ( Nut ) as it has so many nut trees in the area First read the Trail head directions. Now if you want to continue on Gerdoo Fire road you have to pass a little gate wich has been closed by a chain here you have 2 decisions . 1-To go strait ahead on a wide open flat gravel road which ends to a big gate . 2- Ride in the single track which runs along the gravel road with a 300 meter distance. I suggest you the second way for 2 reasons 1-The terrain of the gravel road is lose full of large grains and not suitable for MTB. 2- Single track is more fun. Well the gravel road starts just by the parking lot but if you want to go in the single track just look to your left and you can see it on the hillside .While looking to the left if you zoom you eyes to you 20 meter distance there it is a cleared path which lead to the single track but it has so many thorny bushes at the sides watch out for flats in the dry season. The single track is a little wider than usual maybe better to call it ( Double track ) Its covered with hard soil and tiny stones have covered it .Its 2.3 Km long and has a little up ward angle and as you go farther in the trail it gets steeper .Every now and then you have to pass a little rocky part which stick out the trail each some 5-6 meters long Beware of them while ridding the single trail on the other direction .When you have a lot of speed hitting them may cause crashes. At the end you see the big gate I told you . Its a gate with concrete walls and ironic doors . Just where you can see the big gate the single track turns right and flows in the gravel road but if you want fun continue straight ahead a little farther there is a gnarly steep wall full of sharp broken rocks . Usually the big gate is closed but there is a way on the right side for mountaineers and riders. On the other side there is a large circle pool which is fed by a pipe line stream .The pipe stream is drinkable so you can fill your water bottles or camel backs. Just before the pool there are some sweet Freeride walls Really steep and cool to ride on. The tire paths and the brake lines at the bottom are obvious . A hundred meters farther the fire roads split to 2 .Both run along each other but one at the bottom of the valley by the river .If its not autumn ( the river is dry in autumns ) the trail pass the river several times And after 2.8 KM its joins the upper fire road. But if you chosen to follow the upper fire road from the beginning you have to ride some steep parts along the hillside .As you ride farther on the trail the valley you are in gets narrower and the road has more up and downs also runs near the bottom of the valley near to the lower fire road .Here the road gets narrow and harsh and only 4X4 vehicles can reach here .When you have hammered 3 KM it’s the place where the lower and upper fire roads meet .From here the trails gets more ste
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Trail Directions
First you have to go to Gerdoo zone in Arak city .There you can find a subway road which across beneath the Arak ring road .when you come on the surface just follow the ring road for a couple of hundred meters Where there is a asphalt road side walled with concrete blocks.It runs for 2.5 KM and has a very slight ascent .At the end of the road you reach a parking lot and a monument of a mountain climber .Its called the mountaineer Sq.This mountaineer Sq. leads to other trails too such as the Gerdoo single track – the Kooh Sorkheh Single track and the Site Fire road.
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7 Kilometers
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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