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Ein Akev

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The trail to lower Ein Akev is a dirt road. Ein Akev, at least in the winter, is a spectacular sight. Lush vegetation and deep, cool water are a welcome sight in this area. Ein Akev is full year round, so even in the heat of summer it can be used as a perfect cooling point in an otherwise arrid landscape. From lower Ein Akev you continue another two miles "upstream" till you hit upper Ein Akev. Smaller then it's lower counterpart and a bit pungent, upper Ein Akev is nonetheless worth the trip because you ride on an awesome singletrack to get to it. You then backtrack about four miles and take a right toward "Maale Zin." It's an insane uphill that leads you back to Sede Boker. I recommend sparing your heart and walking this one. The views are breath taking. Take lots of water, especially in the summer. The water in the Ein Akev's are not that good for drinking (too many hikers soak their feet in them, I suspect).
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Trail Directions
From the Ben Gurion estate adjacent to Kibbutz Sede Boker, go down the winding road to the Zin riverbed. Take a left at the first dirt road crossing, there is a convenient map posted there.
Trail Length
20 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Negev/Sede Boker

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