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Colored Canyon from Ras Satan

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Head up the wadi across the street from Ras Satan and follow the trusty Bedouin guide. Losta rock and sand as this turns into a gentle climbimg camel trail on the wadi floor. You will eventually arrive at a dry waterfall where you will have to rope your bikes up the cliff. There is a small oasis back there as well. Awsome scenery and Bedouin petroglyphs too. Somewhere in that spectacular wilderness you take a left turn down another wadi that takes you to the Colored Canyon. Hoohoo! A steep climb up a hillside and your at the Bedouin camp /cafe at Colored Canyon. I recommend you meet a support vehicle there and camp. The next day explore the canyon. Avoid the temptation to ride in it as it is a pristine Bedouin treasure. It was hard but I managed to contain myself! In places the soil can easily be blemmished leading to insidiously unsightful erosion-dont to it! Plunk around on the hills in the area for a while instead, its fun and challenging and you wont know the diffrence. The hardy go back the way they came. It's downhill! End the ride at Ras Satan or Magana and cool off with beverages and a swim. We started the ride in the afternoon and finshed it on a rising full moon. It was religious! Hot food was prepared at the Bedouin camp/cafe brought up by our support vehicle. Need lotsa water-food-support-that trusty Beduoin guide-and a camera! Zero rescue index! Well worth any hassle of organizing the trip. I'll be back!
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A Bedouin guide is a must! Do not attempt this one without a guide or you will become buzzard food. Inquire at Om Khosh, Ras Satan (Abdellah), Magana , or Sababa Camp (Salama)in Nieweba. There are one or two excellent Bedouin MTBers that can organize this trip. Its worth it! Watch them crush your ego on a Huffy while they smoke a cigarette! I had an extra HT bike for the guide. Dont feed them power bars unless you really want to be humiliated or become lost as you will not be able to keep pace.
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Pretty damn far!
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Nieweba, Sinai, Egypt

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January 9, 2002

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Reviewed by: Sprocketeer , from Narashino, Chiba, Japan (native New Yorker)

Like I said, I've never been to Egypt, but the trail description is going to be giving me sweet dreams for a while. I was just poking around, because I live in a largely non-mountain biking country and I was wondering how people in other atypical mountain biking countries deal. In the States, you can find places to ride easily, but in most other countries we just have to make things up as we go along. I give this trail the highest rating for just being a great trail review and feeding my fantasies.

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First you have to get to Egypt. I've never been there, but I'm facinated!

warrenwormhole (10/18/2009)
Some video of the Colored Canyon Route: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf8EBIbJDvQ
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)