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Chashmeh Khak

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The Chashmeh Khak Single Track It’s a Single Track which branches from The Gerdoo Trail >Cheshmeh Kak means ( The Soil Spring ). The whole trail is 2 KMs long and it runs in a valley that branches from the Geerdoo trail On gerdoo Fire Road when you have reached the Bid Sookhteh location there is a little canyon which starts from the Gerdoo trail at the right corner of a turn you will be in Bid Sookhteh .The valley is walled with tall rock stands which form a little canyon first you have to cross the stream flows through the trees and on the other side a wide single track can easily be recognized between the trees. The first half KM is pretty steep and you have to go on your lowest gear and climb up on the side of the canyon. After you have cleared this section there would be a bare tree less part where you can shift to your 2nd chainring and hammer up for a KM and then comes the pulling part where it gets too steep to pedal and you have to pull up your bike in the narrow part of the valley between the nut trees and you have to pass the stream flowing by for many times so your shoes would definitely get wet after half a kilometer of pulling the ascent smoothens and you can ride but it’s a hard part steep enouth to stress your legs and lungs and the whole way is muddy and slippery crossing swamp like terrains full covered by bushes after a kilometer of muddy ridding in a line of trees the plantation area grows wider and you would be under the shade of trees in a small forest and the trail flattens a little too and a little farther you come to the end of this oasis in the mountains a dead end in the valley and a spring at the top . Tats it . Have fun on the trail.
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In order to get to the trail head read the Gerdoo Fire Road post up to the point I have mentioned a place called Bid Sookhteh which is the trail head of Cheshmeh Khak trail.
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3.5 Kilometers
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