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Blue Valley

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High desert wadi with slickrock islands. Jeep trail to/from valley is also a good ride. Accomidates all skill levels including the sick and twisted. No obvious trails but the whole valley is rideable so use your imagination.
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Trail Directions
Approaching the St. Katherine's village from the police St. Katherines police check point; turn left after .5-1 km at Sheik Habus on one of two roads. Follow jeep trail for 5 kms to Blue Valley (several of the slick rock islands are painted blue.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
St. Katherines Village, Sinai, Egypt

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May 9, 2002

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

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Reviewed by: Louis Gomez , from Tucson, Arizona

This area can accomidate all riding levels as long as you stay within your cycling and navigation
limits. A guide is not nessecary unless you plan on penetrating the desert mountains or are just not comfortable navigating in the desert. The best place to organize a trustworthy and competent guide for this area is at the Desert Fox Camp (also an spartan but affordable base of operations in this area) in ST. K's Village, ask for Farrag El Gelaby, he is a master of organization and attaining the nessecary permits. Quality free riding on and in between the rock islands, probably the best in Sinai. The southwestern end of the valley is the best. One can spend a solid weekend camping and bashing and exploring the Blue Valley. There are examples of fine high desert trail riding on camel trails through the mountains and wadi's from the Blue Valley to Wadi Nasb and on to St. K or Dahab. One must be an advanced rider on a solid bike and highly competent in desert navigation/survival or sort something out with a bedouin guide, the desert is an unforgiving place. Remember plan well: H2O, food, lights, tools, spares, maps and a bail out plan. I rode several of these track solo and was mesmerized by the high desert wilderness and solitude. The riding was fairly challenging and very rewarding. These trails are ancient (pre Biblical) trade routes and offer incredable vistas.

Recommended Route:
As above.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Farsh Elija, Wadi Zalaga, Wadi Nasb, Wadi Esh Shiek and the list goes on.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)