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Ain Shafallah to Ras Satan

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Camel trail that descends from the mountain oasis of Ain Shafallah down to Ras Satan on the Gulf of Aqaba. A very dynamic and scenic trail ride through the desert mountains and wadis.
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Trail Directions
Bedouin guide is an absolute necessity. Contact Masalem Farrag, Moonland Village in Tarabeen. Tel: 012-263-9485.
Trail Length
Around 30 Km's.
Trail Level
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Review Date
May 8, 2002

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 5 of 5

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Reviewed by: Louis , from Tucson, Arizona

One of my top five rides in Sinai and typically difficult to organize but very worthy of the effort. You will have to hire Masalem Farrag or one of his brothers, organize a 4x4 for the drive up to Ain Shafallah and camp for the night and then start the ride early the next morning. This is an advanced ride: One should be in good shape with good riding skills and a reliable desert worthy bike. You should also be adept at bike repairs. Additionaly you may have to provide a reliable bike for your guide.
This ride is a spectacular traverse from high desert down to the sea. Excellent camel track the whole way with spiritual desert wilderness views. Loads of sweeping single track that is mostly downhill with a few short but steep climbs and some rocky wadi traversing to test your technical skills. Takes about 4-5 hours to complete if you start at Ein Shafallah and end at Ras Satan. There is one downhill section(Satan's Nose)midway through the ride that will weed out those lacking skill and courage through common sense or injury with seemingly endless hairpin switchbacks on a rocky steep knife edged ridge. I nearly cleaned it on the Quasi-moto but then got froggy and lost it. Did I mention the rocks are very sharp? I drew blood and scraped up my bike and fork as I skidded 20 feet off the edge. Water is attainable at two oasis or via a short detour to the Coloured Canyon (also a good bail out route). The ride dumps you at just north of Ras Satan. There one can get food and take a swim. There are two side excellent side trips to try: An oasis to the north or exploring the slick rockish cliffs above the spectacular Wadi Wish Washi, which should be done in conjuction with camping at the Colored Canyon followed by a sweet downhill into Tarabeen. Remeber this is serious desert! Plan well and be prepared.

Recommended Route:
Listen and follow the guide or suffer a desicating death.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Many. But unless you are a true desert warrior take a trustworthy and knowledgable Bedouin guide and plan well!

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)