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this trail is on what could be considered fire roads but it has a lot of rocks that is seems to be a trail the country side is fantastic with two days of a great forest which includes a cloud forest in the area of el huehuento mountain 3100mts be sure to eat some quesadillas at la tableta a little restaurant on the side of this massive mountain. from here on you just have a little climb and you star a super descent, 40 km through the town of cebollas all the way down to tayoltita at 400 mts above sea level. one tricky part on your way down you will come to a fork on the road you want to be sure to turn right no matter what the left side looks good but do not go there we might never see you again so turn right and you are fine, if you want any help give us a call
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Trail Directions
on the durango mazatlan hwy km 90 there is a cross roads to san miguel de cruces take for 30 km to santo domingo and start your ride to tayoltita 125 kilometers in three days, two climbing up to 2900mts and one day going down to 400 mts in around 40 km.
Trail Length
70 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
El Salto Durango Mexico
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