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Santurario de Naturaleza de Arrayan

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Santiago is a city of 5 million, but you can be in wilderness and not see many other people withing 15 to 30 minutes bike-ride depending on where you go. This trail climbs a deserted fire-road that used to be an access to La Disputada (a mine in el Sector Farellones)). It has lots of single track sections. Take 1500 pesos (US $3.00) admission to el Santuario. Take water. Take clothes for altitude if you want to go all the way. It's a constant climb up to around 4000 m altitude. There are alpine lagoons at the end of the trail. 45 km end-to-end. To do the whole deal is one day up, camp over and down the next morning. For camping you need a sleeping bag and a toothbrush (in summer). The lower sections are semi-arrid (scrub, small trees), then you get more into cactus and a fewer trees, then through alpine type landscape - different vegetation, flowers, finally it's like cycling on the moon. Breathtaking scenery, bigness all around. It is far-enough removed from civilisation that it is important to be with at least one other person. If yer alone, a mistake could turn you into bird food. The trail is not technically demanding but you wanna be in good shape cause its a lung burner. Constant climbing for several hours eventually combined with altitude.
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Trail Directions
Go to the Cannondale shop (Intercycles)in shopping Canta Gallo - Las Condes - phone 56-2-2153470. They can give you directions or send you with a group of friends. The trailhead is within 30 minutes bike ride from the shop. They should also be able to point you in the direction of a bike rental, although they don't rent themselves.
Trail Length
45 km up and 45 km down
Trail Level
Trail Type
Santiago, Chile
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Review Date
December 15, 2000

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 4 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: Jose Tomas , from Santiago Chile

El santuario de la naturaleza tiene infinidad de opciones para todo tipo de ciclistas, singletracks faciles y tecnicos, el descenso del campeonato Milo-bianchi que se celebro como en septiembre, muy largo y rapido.Tambien tiene un rio que se puede ir bordeando hacia arriba. No es recomendable en los findesemanas por que se llena de gente y de autos gueones haciendo pic-nic.

Recommended Route:
Subir por las condes hasta la plza sn enrique, enfilar hacia el arrayan yseguir los letreros.($1000 o 1500)

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)