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At Marcahuasi you can see the Santa Eulalia river 3,000 meters below. Marcahuasi is a stone forest where you can see all kind of figures. The most recognized figure is the stone head. The trail starts there and is full of abism in the first part. The second part is very technical. A lot of rocks and drops awaits for you. The finish line is in the Santa Eulalia river wher you can take a grat dive cleaning all yourself mostly in summer where is a los of mud.
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Trail Directions
Well, to get there first you have to take the highway that goes from Lima to Ticlio and take the detour in Santa Eulalia. The road ends about 5 Km more and starts the fireroad that conduces to San Pedro de Casta, nearest town to the DH Trail. The time to get that town from Lima is about 3.5 hours. Then you have to take a horse ride to go up from 3,150 masl to 4,100 masl in about one hour. Then you have reached Marcahuasi, an ancient inca town
Trail Length
20 Km.
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San Pedro de Casta

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