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Lake Paron

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Start in Caraz and go to the east directions. Maps given out in the adventure store will help you. There is also a shuttle service which charges 20 dollars and you only have to ride downhill. There are no signs and most of the farmers who live beside the road don't speak spain. So a guide is really recommended. Caraz is situated at a sealevel of 2300 meters and Lake Paron at 4250 meters. The ground is normal fireroad but the high elevation will cause some problems to most bikers. There is no restaurant or store - so bring everything you need with you. After reaching the Lake Paron you have to go back the same road back. Don't ride when rain is expected. Then the road is still not a road - then it is a river!!!!
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Trail Directions
Caraz is situated in the Cordillera Blanca northeast of Lima. From Lima to Caraz by bus it takes 10 hours and costs 10 dollar.
Trail Length
20 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Caraz / Peru
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