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technical, fun, GREAT views of nearby lakes and canyon.
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Located in San Miguel Allende, GTO MEXICO is a great technical trail in the CANTE botanical garden surrounded by desert-like vegetation, well maintained.
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San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato

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November 23, 2001

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: Justin , from Stowe, VT, USA

Beautiful scenery- this is a non-profit botanical garden that supports only indigenes habitat around the presa (dam): ie; lots of cactus. But cool. The trails range from pretty easy (no experience required) to technical (need balance and presence of mind- slow, reasonably steep, dry hazards ie cactus, rocks and drainage swales.)THere's a great race here each september (you'd be amazed how many MTB phanatics there are in Mexico!!!)

Recommended Route:
Start at the Big metal gate on the South-West corner. Enter and stay left at every chance you get. you will go around to the right of the One privately owned house in the jardin and then again, stay to your left. This is where you will shortly come upon some seriously technical stuff that you will mostly want to get off the bike for. At this point, there is a serious drop off to your left side as you ride for maybe a 1/4 km until you approach the presa (big dam). at that point you will pass a small hut (outhouses) If you ate spicy mexicana this morning, you may need to stop here. as you begin riding away from the outhouses you can either go straight toward the dam (just 50 meters in front of you) or make an immediate sharp right and go up the short technical slope. If you go right, just get lost riding those trails and when you are ready to continue, get to the big stone patio and cross at teh very top of the hill (looks out directly at the Presa.) From there, if you dont know teh area, just keep riding inside the confines of the botanical garden. You can follow the race course, although it is difficult to follow the route when it is not marked so you must get a map from the Bici-burro (store in town) or go with someone who knows. Les via bien!

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There is only one good store in Town... "the Bici-Burro". Stop there and Ask for info. I hear they run tours to, but have never taken one. WHile you're there, buy some slime tires before you ride anywhere near San-Miguel or you will be changing tubes every ten minutes.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)