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incachaca trail

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You get dropped of at a small town 60 km from Cbba called Aguirre on the road to Santa Cruz, witch is about 3300 mosl and start to clime on a dirt road for 8 km up to 4000 mosl and enter the Carrasco national park and you get to a crystal clear water lake where there aren’t any trees and the wind is cold. From that point on it’s all downhill into the jungle on a dirt road with no car access. About 18km further you arrive to Incachaca witch is an ecological park with all sorts of hiking trails. 4km downhill from incachaca you will meet up again with the CBBA-SCRZ hiway about 1800mosl where you can find transportation that will take you back in 2hr to CBBA.Write me and i'll send you some waypoints.
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