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Copper Canyon - East Mesa

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The trail is almost entirely singletrack with a few slickrock sections thrown in. A short climb drops you off on top of the mesa and into a maze of singletrack. Keep taking the "right" fork at each intersection and you will soon see Creel below you when the trail heads back in the trees try to stay (due east) on top of the mesa while keeping the valley on your right in view. If you take this trail out another 6 miles or so you will end up at the Valley of the Monks that contains some awesome spires of weathered tuff and some nice slickrock. from here you can ride down into that valley on your right and take the dirt road back to town - or try a different route back on the mesa. There are HUNDREDS of trails on the mesa - even so, it's pretty hard to get lost. Take your camera. There are no decent maps of the area - but if you look up Aurturo Gutierrez at Umarike Expeditions he can set you up with one. He's available as a guide too if you're into that. Margaritias is a cool place to stay in town (10-$15 - including meals)and Margaritas cantina (down the street) will set you up with a free shot of decent tequila with each beer you buy. It don't get any better than that.
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Trail Directions
Start at the main intersection in downtown Creel. Head east about half a block - you will cross a small bridge - take the next left down an alley which immediately cuts to the right. Follow this for a couple of hundred feet and you will see a singletrack sloping up to the right. Take it. You can also access this area by a singletrack that heads up from the south end of the baseball field.
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15 miles +
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