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Copper Canyon - Cerro Colorado

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Stay on the singletrack (which follows the river) until you get spit out onto a dirt road in a small village with a school on the left hand side. Right after the school there is a fork in the road - stay right. If you go left, you're in for several thousand feet of climbing - and most of the year it will be hotter than hell. So...take the right fork, which will follow a creek (a tributary to the main river). You will be on a jeep road for several miles. Up and down - no huge climbs. Also there are several water crossings along the way which are super-sweet if it's hot out. in the distance you will soon see the town of Cerro Colorado, which is on the left side of the creek. Keep an eye out for a singletrack that heads off to the right - that will drop you right in town. Be careful on this section - there are some exposed drop offs and one SPD fall and it's all over amigo. At the far end of town is a small store (the last building on the left) that sells cokes and snacks. If you keep heading through town (past the store) it's all singletrack - which is wide open for exploration. Based on the topo map it looks pretty damn steep - and it eventually goes over the pass into Urique
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Trail Directions
From Batopilas (located at the bottom of the canyon) head northeast (like you're heading out of town, back toward Creel) but instead of going across the bridge, stay on the left side of the river and go UNDER the bridge - you'll soon be on a fun, wet and technical singletrack.
Trail Length
about 12 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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