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Chatres Trail in Sobernia National Park

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Knarly, fast, highly technical, and one of the true epic rides in our hemisphere. I rank it up there with The Vein in Nelson, British Columbia or Devil's Gultch in Wenatchee, Washington State. Its just that Epic. Went with some other guys from Nelson, B.C., Spokane, Wash, and a guy from Moab to experience this trail system. This time of year is the wet season--but as long as you have the right tires, your golden. Some serious and epic drops and plunges (10 to 20 ft) through hard rainforest type mudpack. Rocks are a tad slippery but that just adds to the excitement. We filmed this trail for our movie coming out next year based on our buddies recommendation at Santa Cruz who hit this trail last year. Creek crossings, switchbacks, it just has it all. Panama is the next place to go off--and its very safe! No worries about someone stealing your bikes or gear here. Prices are extremely cheap and the food and women--damn its that good!
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Now becoming known as the Ultimate Rainforest Freeride trail in Central or South America. Call ExtremePanama.com and ask for directions as they are highly equipped to show you the stash.
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Panama City 25 kilometers away
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