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This is a new trail founded in the heart of the Peruvian Andes Mountains. The trail starts at the town named Chacllia at an altitude of 3,600 masl. This trail is extremely technical only for DH bikes. There are a lot of rock gardens and also very fast sections. It is one of the biggest DH''s in the world, descending more than 2,500 meters in 100% singletrack. It takes about 4 hours to complete the entire trail.
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Trail Directions
It is easy to get there but very hard to follow the trail. It is necessary a guide to avoid get lost. First you take the Central Highway to Chosica and then the detour to Santa Eulalia. Follow the principal road up to Autisha Canyon and then take another detour to the left and start climbing to the town of Chacllia.
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25 Kilometers
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Santa Eulalia
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