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Calacalí - Nono - Tandayapa

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This is a long dirt road track, probably about 60 km. The first 18 km, follow the main dirt road to the town of Nono. This stretch is up and down (mostly down), with an initial gruelling climb, followed by several good downhills (not too technical ones). Once you get to Nono, ride through the town, then a km or two up the hill until you get to a major turnoff to the right (store on the corner). Ride around another right turn, and follow the ridge up until the road doubles back to the left crossing the ridge. From here you have about 40 km of dirt road downhill to Tandayapa, where you can turn right to go another 5 or 6 km to the highway. At the highway, take a left to get to Nanegalito, where you can hire a vehicle to drive you back up the highway to where you left your ride. The downhill is not particularly technical, but can be steep and fast for some good stretches. It follows a river valley, with a few stream crossings, and probably the coolest part is the weather change as you drop further down through the morning.
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Trail Directions
Drive north of Quito past the mitad del mundo monument, then take the road to the coast, through Calacalí until you get to a now-abandoned toll booth a few km west of town. You can leave your vehicle here, then find the entrance to the trail a few hundred meters further along the road, to the LEFT (south).
Trail Length
40 miles
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Trail Type
Fire Roads
Quito, Ecuador

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