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Bufadora trails

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The Bufadora Trails is a large network of single track trails set in the desert amidst large Cardon cactus, mesquite trees, and lots of other cacti and desert vegetation. It's mostly smooth and undulating trails and can be ridden at a fast pace. Easy for beginners but also fun for intermediate and advanced riders. the trail system starts out where the Google Earth marker is shown and that trail is called Corredor Cardon. if you ride back for about 10 min. you hit a key on a wider trail, go right on Quail Trail which then will take you all the way up to another T, if you go left head towards the rocky mesa which has another good trail called Rattlesnake Hotel on the top of it and loops back to join up with Quail Trail again. If you go right at the T you will be following Joe's Suzuki trail which leads to 2 more single track riding areas. if you get lost out there you just head back towards the ocean and you will run into the dirt roads leading back to town again.

Ventana Windsports, a resort in the town of La Ventana has mountain bikes and equipment available for rent and can provide you with more detailed map and directions. I will be adding more info here as well
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