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Petrus se Brand

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One way route of about 25km starting at Diepwalle forestry station on the Uniondale Road. From the sign on the gate on the road follow the route as it undulates through pristine coatal forest. Towering trees obscure the sun and it can be quite damp and muddy after rain. The trail is marked and its hard to get lost. Up to the last 5km or so the ride is on rough jeep track and has a few medium grade climbs - nothing too strenuois though. There are rivers and water should not be a problem. The last 5km contains some classic singletrack that swoops down to the national road like a roller coaster. If you are fit, carry on over the N2 Highway and ride the Red Route before meeting your driver at teh Garden of Eden parking lot on the N2.
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Trail Directions
From the N2 heading North turn right onto the Uniondale road at the top of the hill outside Knysna. Follow this road to the Diepwalle forest station where permits can be obtained. Cycle back the way you came to the trail start. You'll need to be collected at the end as this is a one way trail!
Trail Length
25 Kilometers
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Western cape
South Africa
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