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Lions Head

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Go up the jeep tracks all the way up, turn left just before fence and go up all the time. The road ends up crossing Signal hill road and into car park. From here there is a technical singletrack which runs to the mosque near the base of the Lions Head. From here head down on the sea point side and there are then 2 choices after 200m you come to a fork: 1. Switchback left for a great single track down towards Clifton / Seapoint border then carry on around the base of Lions Head and towards Camps Bay. The path has a lot of log steps but they are easy to ride over. After crossing small stream/ trickle the path goes up a steeper log section, after this loof for a path to the left which you will prob have to carry the bike up heading towards trees carry on up steps then along path and eventually ride down steps leading back to tar road. Go by tar up to Signal hill again then go down road you came up - take top fork and where it levels off there is a singletrack descent - cross lower fork road and carry on on singletrack. At T junction at bottom go right to do cirlce bowl route or left and foolw down any singletrack to cross path you first came up near entrance to reserve. or 2 At fork from Mosque carry on down singletrack - this side goes down towards Green Point and is about 5 mins long so sore arms from scrubbing speed. Then back around on climbing track which goes around the base of Signal hill to eventually join up with track you originally climbed up on. Then choose any singletrack back down to Tamboerskloof.
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Trail Directions
I access from Milner Road in Tamboerskloof. Go to the top of the road then right and into bottom of Nature are.
Trail Length
6 miles (lost my computer)
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Cape Town

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