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walesby viking way

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Trail Directions
Start from the picnic ground at willingham woods. Cut through to the tealby road. Turn left and head down to Nova Scotia. Cut through to walesby. up to walesby church(mighty steep, you may have to push the last bit), over a foot path across a ploughed field. Now you are at the best part. A hairy down hill in two parts which stops abruptly at a barbed wire fence. Now up the hil on to a gated road with cattle grids. At the bottom turn left for tealby. Up through tealby, turn left at the church and slog up another hill. Follow for one mile, turn left at some sheds down a farm track. Bomb down through the farm and you are once again on cattle grid hill. head straight over the road at the bottom and continue back to willingham woods and through to the car park.
Trail Length
14 miles
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Market Rasen

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