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The Dyke Run

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Start near the pub. Basically drop down the dyke for a 50 mph plus DH rush (I recorded 51mph on a rigid forked gt, yet fit a speedo on my B17). I reckon 65 is possible as I spin out my 46T in the first 20 meters. Warning though. This run will screw you and your bike if you dont respect it. It's basically a huuuge valley with a straight path down it. But the path gets full of rocks, horse poo, and ocassionally dumped cars, so take the singletrack on the right hand side down the first time (Dont fall left or you will die horribly) then walk back up clearing the path. On the way up you may notice a slight hump. At 50 this equals enormous airtime. Tips: Dont even think about covering the brakes as you need your whole hand to keep the bike on the path (Fat boulders to the right and left); Pedal all the way round the bend; Go with someone (you'll need them to call the ambulance if you lose it); Thoroughly check you bike for suitability. (I've bent handle bars and fractured a stem, seen bent forks and saddles from seemingly "uneventful" runs. I'm not joking, if you lose it at 50 straight into a rock you will not walk away. That said I reckon this is the safest place to top 50, and anyone can do it.
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Trail Directions
The easiest place to find this trail is by going up to the pub at the top of devils dyke (Find on any map)
Trail Length
0.7 miles
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Review Date
May 12, 1999

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: The Q , from Brighton UK

The whole area is good to ride in there is a good loop if you start at the sea front and cycle towards the beacon then to devils dyke. (you will have to cycle up the 50Mph descent though) or do it the otherway round and cycle into lewes

Recommended Route:
I think that 50 is a bit optmistic as there are loads of small boulders that will throw you off.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
friston forrest at eastbourne (don't cycle from Brighton it is a bit far)

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)