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The Brake block Unit Trails

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the original trails were named as one of the builders found an old brake block on to of one of the jumps. the track starts at the end of a private drive then winds round to the left. here it splits into our race track or the runnup for the trails. the race track turns right sharply then throgh a berm to the left, you have to watch out for the tree which is on the right. you then have to bend round to the right, at the same time you have to jump over a small concrete bit which leads youu round to the corner tree berm typre thing! this also has a holly bush so you have to be carefulof you eyes (goggles advised). a quick sprint accross a field puts you into a smooth berm which throws you into the singletrack, over a small tabletop and through some corners, past another holly bush and to the finnish line. the trail is around 2 metres wide at its widest point. the jumps consists of three speed jumps 2, 1 foot high, 5 feet peak to peak doubles and 1, 5 foot high, 7 feet peak to peak. then there are the style jumps which are still being built up. to date there are three of them. 6 foot high and 8 feet peak to peak. they are sereous and you need more balls that skill to ride them! Serious AIR is mandatory!
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hahaha no chance - these are illegal and its location is given on a need to know basis - sorry.
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1 miles
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February 23, 2000

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 5 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: wilks , from england

simon got this trail sorted and if you do duel you have to find this place.

Recommended Route:
the route described is the best if only way to go

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)