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loads of sets of dirt jumps all the jumps are huge and perfectly made with sets going everywhere average gap is well over 10 foot for very good riders only but definatly worth going to have a look at as there are so well made
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next to the road which joins the a14 from rougham in the woods
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Bury St Edmunds

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June 1, 2011

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Reviewed by: Encypher ,  Weekend Warrior

This trail has been kept very quiet for a good reason, the jumps are... how to put it?.. a specticle to behold! They have been built by the owner of the small wood, a well respected rider called stony and few companions to such levels of daring and perfection. i do not think there are many riders in this country that could ride these trails, for example one of the first jumps in the set is nearly 4 times my height and verticle leading into an immediate pipe-style burn to the left narrowly avoiding death by tree, that leads into another vertical jump with a 15ft gap where the other line banks through! these guys are pro, but to anyone who doesnt know, steer clear as they do not like people up there messing with it. Just know... stoney is the muts nuts at trails, and i wish there were some videos but for some reason these guys dont want publicity or attention

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i recomend you dont

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)